Crown Down

Clarity Through Vision

Clarity Through Vision - 8020 Clothing
Know thy self by setting goals. Goals are like magnets, the better you define them, the stronger they pull. Use mental imagery to experience the goals you would like to achieve.

The Dream Killer

The Dream Killer - 8020 Clothing
Stop making excuses. Settling in life can bring regret and animosity. Don't become miserably comfortable.

It's Not Over Until You Win

It's Not Over Until You Win - 8020 Clothing
Don't compare yourself to others. Life is a marathon. Reap the benefits of running your race at your pace. It's yours for the taking but you have to put forth an effort.

Your Attitude Determines The Attitude of Others

Your Attitude Determines The Attitude of Others - 8020 Clothing
Success is the result of a positive attitude. Be positive towards others and yourself to produce positive results. Allow the Law of Reciprocation to reward you.

You Are A Reflection Of Your Environment

You Are A Reflection Of Your Environment - 8020 Clothing
Be aware of who is around you. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Schedule your time so you can focus on where you place your energy.

The Gold Mine Between Your Ears

The Gold Mine Between Your Ears - 8020 Clothing
Use the gold mine between your ears to explore yourself, your work, and your fellow man. Become a creative thinker. Utilize your imagination. Make it your business on how you give.

The Power Of Checklist

The Power Of Checklist - 8020 Clothing

Planning by utilizing a checklist helps you accomplish your goals. Avoid failure by creating a sequence to follow. Read your checklist daily to remember what you want to accomplish.


How To Commit

How To Commit - 8020 Clothing

Form the skill of decision-making. Put everything into your goals. Commit.


Fail Forward

Fail Forward - 8020 Clothing
Doing things wrong helps you learn how to do things right. Don't quit. Use your failure to propel you forward.

Protecting Your Dreams

Protecting Your Dreams - 8020 Clothing
Rise above others' expectations. What you think is all that matters. Don't allow another persons' fears to be projected onto you.

If It Was Easy...

If It Was Easy... - 8020 Clothing
Success is not for the weak and uncommitted. We should all strive to try our best, even when it hurts. If it was easy...

How to Stay Accountable

How to Stay Accountable - 8020 Clothing
There is strength in unity. Stay connected. Start a group and keep each other accountable.