Appreciation/Gratitude Equal Abundance


The quotes below are excerpts from various sources. The quotes have been placed in a particular order in hopes to inform, educate, and inspire you on the concept of appreciation/gratitude and how being appreciative puts us in a state of abundance.


Dr. Joe Vitale

Ok what can you do right now to begin to turn your life around? I'll tell you two or three things. Start making a list of things to be grateful for, start with that because this shifts your energy. It starts to shift your thinking. Where before this exercise you might be focusing on what you don't have. And you might be focusing on your complaints. And you might be focusing on whatever the problems are. When you do this exercise, you start to go in a different direction. You start to be grateful for all the things that you feel good about.



Marci Shimoff

Gratitude is absolutely the way to bring more into your life.



John Gray

Every man knows that when his wife's appreciating him for the little things he does. What does he want to do? He wants to do more, its always about appreciation it pulls things in. It attracts support.

Dr. John F. Demartini

I've said for many years that whatever we think about and thank about we bring about.

James Arthur Ray

Because that's that feeling that you have to have. You know? And so for me it's been such a powerful exercise. Every morning to get up and say thank you. Every morning when my feet hit the floor, thank you. And then I start running through what I'm grateful for as I'm going to brush my teeth and do the things I do in the morning. And I'm not just thinking about them and doing some roat routine but I'm putting it out there and I'm feeling the feelings of gratitude.

Dr. Joe Vitale

Because as soon as you start to feel differently about what you already have. You will start to attract more of the good things. More of the things you can be grateful for. Because you can look around and say, well look I don't have the car I want. I don't have the house I want. I don't have the health I want. I don't have the spouse I want. Hold up, backup backup those are all the things you don't want. Focus on what you already have that your grateful for and it might be you have the eyes to watch this. It might be the clothes that you have, yes, you might prefer something else and you might get something else pretty soon if you start feeling grateful for what you have.

Steve Harvey

Gratitude erases all negativity because there's no room for negativity. It's not a magic trick. Joy and depression cannot reside in the same space. Those two things cannot exist at the same time. Also what it does. It changes your focus from what you don't have to what you do have. Gratitude changes your perception. Your perception changes your existence.

Oprah Winfrey

That's why I've kept a gratitude journal for years. If you keep a gratitude journal. Let's see I do this thing. You just five things in the day that made you most grateful. What you start to notice is that there are more things added to your list and you don't even have time to write them all.

Gratitude is its on energy field and that when you acknowledge and are grateful for whatever you have. When you can see and feel the gratitude, experience the gratitude in whatever you have. That changes your vibrational frequency literally and allows more to be drawn to you.

Abraham Hicks

Think about reaching for thoughts that feel better and thoughts that feel better until you truly come into a vibration of appreciation. And for the sake of comparison we would say that the vibration of true love, that feeling of being in love. That feeling that you have some times when you see someone and you just feel like you're moving through one another. The feeling that you have when you are looking at the innocence of a child and feeling the beauty and power of that child. In other words love and appreciation are identical vibrations. It's the vibration of alignment with who you are. It's the absence of resistance. It's the absence of doubt and fear. It's the absence of self denial or or hatred to others. It's the absence of everything that feels bad in the presence of everything that feels good. And as you focus yourself more and more downstream until you get in the vicinity of that love and appreciation. It just calls you to it in a powerful way.


Conversely, let's talk about the difference between gratitude and appreciation. Many people use them interchangeably but we don't feel the same vibrational essence in them at all. Because when you feel gratitude you are looking at a struggle that you've overcome. And feeling grateful, in other words happy that you're still not in the struggle but you are still messing with that vibration just a little bit in that you see. In other words the difference between inspiration which is being called to who you are and motivation which is trying to make yourself go somewhere. That's a similar difference you see. Appreciation is that tuned in, taped in, turned on. Appreciation is vibrational alignment with whom I have become. The state of appreciation is me being in sync with the whole of that which I am. Being in a state of appreciation is seeing whatever I'm looking at through the eyes of source. And when you're in that state of appreciation you could walk down a crowded street with all kinds of things that a lot of other people find reason to criticize or even worry about and you would not have access to them because your vibration of appreciation is picking out for you things of a different vibrational nature. A state of appreciation is a state of godliness. A state of appreciation is being who you really are. A state of appreciation it's who you were the day you were born and who you will be the moment you die. And it will be, if we were standing in your physical shoes your quest in every moment.


But the tricky thing is, Joseph Cambell uses the word bliss and we think it's equal. Follow your bliss. Sometimes you can't get a whiff of bliss from where you are. So we say if you're in despair follow your revenge it's downstream. If you're in revenge follow your hatred it's downstream. If you're in hatred follow your anger it's downstream. If you're in anger follow your frustration it's downstream. If you're in frustration follow your hope its downstream. If your in hope now you're in the vicinity of appreciation.


Once you get into the vibration of hope now begin to make a list of things you feel good about. And fill your notebooks full of them. Make list of positive aspects. Make lists of things you love. Go to the restaurant and look for your favorite things and never complain about anything. Look for the thing that you like the best even if there was only one thing in all of it that you like give it your undivided attention. And use it as your excuse to be who you are. Use it as your excuse to be who you are. And as you use those things to shine bright and make you feel good as your excuse to give your attention and as your excuse to be who you are. You'll tune to who you are and the whole world will begin to transform before your eyes. It's not your job to transform it for others but it is your job to transform it for you.


Excerpt from The Secret

Steve Harvey Show

Oprah Winfrey

Abraham Hicks

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