Clarity Through Vision



Know thy self by setting goals. Goals are like magnets, the better you define them, the stronger they pull. Use mental imagery to experience the goals you would like to achieve.


How to know yourself

It all begins with being present in your experiences. Asking why am I acting or feeling a certain way, during certain situations. Determine what aspects of yourself that you would like to improve. Challenge yourself to grow to tap into your limitless potential. Set goals.


Setting Goals

Goal setting is a learned skill. Jim Rohn says to divide goals into two parts, your long-term dreams, and your short-term actions. He also says we should set goals in three areas which are personal development, things/material, and economics. Then we should work on our goals through planning and write the goals down. Also, we should be aware of the effect that the goals we set are having on our lives.


Using visualization to support your goals.

Forming imagery in your mind related to your goals is a game-changer. It allows us to focus our thoughts on our goals, and to prepare ourselves for what it would be like to achieve them. When you visualize think of the feelings that you will have and the experience down to the most minute detail. During visualization, we are trying to control our subconscious mind so repetition of visualization is key. Build your vision, write it down and obsess over it.


Stop studying others and study yourself. Evaluate your goals weekly to ensure that you'll take action in achieving them. See the results you want in advance by utilizing visualization.


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