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The quotes below are excerpts from two separate London Real interviews. The quotes have been placed in a particular order in hopes to inform, educate, and inspire you on the power of affirmations and the subconscious mind.


Monks have been using affirmations forever. Mantras as they call it in sanskrit. We use these beads to chant on and a lot of times people say these are prayer beads but they are actually more like affirmation or mantra beads. So we use these to actually program our subconscious. So as we chant on each bead we chant an affirmation. I am happy or I am confident. And we repeat the same chant over and over again and there are one hundred and eight beads in here so you can imagine how your subconscious gets programmed.

So with affirmations three ingredients are necessary. Concise choice of positive words, clear visualization, and corresponding feeling. And most people don't understand this when it comes to affirmations. They just say the words with no visualization and no feeling.

So words alone is not enough so that's why we have visualization. So when I say I love
apples and I visualize a bright red apple my mind goes oh that's what he's talking about. I love apples, he loves bright red apples. This particular type of apple is it Washington or Honey Crisp apple which has a little yellowish tint to it. So that's why words and visualization are important. Then feeling. Feeling is emotion. Emotion is energy.

Everything is made up of energy that's vibrating at a certain frequency. So the chair has molecules and atoms that are vibrating sending frequency binding it together creating a
certain matter. So what we believe is that if your subconscious is filled with patterns that are vibrating at a certain frequency, and they could be vibrating at 20khz happiness at 30khz. I don't know what the numbers are I'm just making stuff up in terms of numbers but everything is vibrating at a certain frequency. And if you can go into your subconscious and create a pattern. Infuse it with energy that's vibrating at a certain frequency, you can attract things of a similar nature to it.

So if I go into my subconscious I repeat an affirmation which has concise choice of positive words, clear visualization, and I infuse a feeling into it. What does it feel like, right, and it starts to vibrate in my subconscious at that frequency. Now I would attract anything of a similar frequency towards it.

Some other Affirmation Examples

Steve Maxwell

Today I will see only the good. Only good comes to me only good comes from me.

Today I will focus only in beauty and grace.

The divine design now manifests in my body, my mind, and my affairs.

There is no health problem in the mind of God. Therefore I am of God, I have no

There is no lack or limitation to divine plan. There's only plenty.

Everywhere I look nature has abundance. I am one with the divine. I can only experience


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