Don't Quit During the Process


Don't quit during the process. Pressure makes diamonds. Operate from a place of faith and you'll get there.

Quitting on your goals should never be an option.

Why you may ask, it is quite simple. It is because rising to meet our goals shows growth within. We have all heard the phrase “pressure makes diamonds”. This is because to reach our truest potential we have to face some adversity. Do not let the trials in your life halt you in your tracks. If you quit you'll never know what your potential truly is. Your lack of action will be a lingering thought that you carry with you throughout the rest of your life. So have faith.

How to keep the faith.

The definition of faith is the complete trust or confidence in someone or something. One way to access faith is to operate from a place of gratitude. Do something for someone else or even for yourself. This will reinforce your faith in your relationships. The habit of gratitude equals abundance.

Faith changes things.

As covered before, there is power in your beliefs. Faith backed by belief exists so we can bring things to fruition. It is all about developing the confidence to see what has yet to be seen. Which helps in manifestation.

There are many other ways to operate from a place of faith such as prayer/affirmations and meditation. But the key is to have complete trust in what is being done. When you do you will realize how faith changes your state of being.

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