How to Stay Accountable


There is strength in unity. Stay connected. Start a group and keep each other accountable.


Objects in the mirror are closer than they seem.

This week I've been wonder what to say and during my drive it hit me. On my side-view mirror, it says quite plainly “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”. Often we use mirrors for their external reflection but what about the internal. Accountability starts with you but there is an easier way to stay accountable by starting a group.


Strength in unity.

This is because a group can accomplish more than an individual. Take a look a BLM (Black Lives Matter), The Me Too Movement, and even Donald Trumps' Supporters. All have been able to increase social awareness through marching, trials, and storming the White House. If there was only one person involved less would have been accomplished.


Start a group

Accountability does start with you however an easier approach is to start a group. By sharing your goals with a group you increase your opportunity for success. How many of us like to look good in front of other people. Well, group accountability forces us to try our best because we don't want to report back that we have failed. It also gives us the opportunity to breakthrough faster especially if the group has had similar goals.


Self-reflection leads to progress. Starting a group helps you take responsibility for your actions and may help you progress faster. Start or even join a group today.


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