How to Value and Redeem Time


All the quotes below are excerpts from Myles Munroe – Redeeming Time filmed new years eve 2010. The quotes have been placed in a particular order in hopes to inform, educate, and inspire you on the concept of time.


I want you to think about this concept of time, this is what keeps me going. Time is a commodity write that down. A commodity is a resource you use to produce things or to buy things. Money for example is a commodity.


Time is just like money. Number one time is the only commodity on earth given equally to every human being. There's rich and poor people in the world when it comes to money but there's no rich or poor people when it comes to time. Let me say it slow there are rich and poor people in the world when it comes to money but there are no rich or poor people when it comes to time. Why? Point number two, time is the only commodity that every human possess. Some folks ain't got this some folks ain't got that but everybody got time. That leads to number three, every human everyday is given the same amount of time everyday. Bill Gates gets the same time you get every morning. The queen of England gets the same time you get every morning. Steven Jobs gets the same time you get every morning. Myles Munroe gets the same time you get every morning. So no one has more than you. The question is, how come some people life is different. They got the same twenty four. As a matter of fact what you become in life is determined by how you use the twenty four hours. Stop wasting your commodity.


Time is the currency of life. Currency is money but time is currency of life. That leads me to point number two here, every human is given the same amount of time each day and every time you use rime you are spending time. You ever heard that, spending time. You really do. You spend money but you also spend time. Now when you spend something what are you saying, you are buying something.


So here's the point to remember. Time is used to buy life. Think about 2010 what did you do with most of your time. You could spend time just arguing. The bible says avoid useless arguments. Cause arguments take time. Complaining, if you complain your using time. I ain't got time to complain when I make a mistake I just get over it and move on fast. Some folks get depressed and spend weeks on one mistake. Feeling depressed, feeling sad, feeling angry your wasting time on the mistake.


Make a note of this please its very important. We abuse time. Now this is what's very important for you to understand what to do with this year coming.


Time is just like money, first of all it can be stolen. Secondly time can be abused. You can abuse your time on things that don't benefit your life. Number three time can be lost. Just the way you lose money you can lose time and the problem is once you lose time you can't get it back. Number four, time can be squandered. I remember a couple of times in my life where I decided to meet with certain people. We went out and at the end of the day I was depressed, and I don't get depressed. But I was depressed over my own foolishness. Cause I spent half a day with someone that didn't advance my life. I squandered my time. We need to be careful to protect our time. Write this down number five, time can be appreciated. The same way you appreciate money, you grow money, you can appreciate time. Your time can become more valuable. For example, if you read a book in January 2011 you've appreciated your entire life because now you have new information. Read one more book in February you appreciate your life again because you've got more information. Read one more book in April. In other words you can keep appreciating your life by the way you use your time. Time can be squandered. Number six time can be depreciated. You can depreciate one dollar you can depreciate time. Spending it with people and things that don't make sense to you. Make this the year of time consciousness. As a matter of fact number seven is important, time can be devalued. Some people were doing good until they run in to certain people and those people destroyed their value. Some of you have been flying high like an eagle and then this year you run into a pigeon. But we can devalue our time by the people we've allowed to affect us. Believe me friends you can't go through life without making some enemies. So get use to it. Some folks will always be mad that you don't want to be with them. Don't let them devalue your time. I'll put it to you another way ok listen to this very carefully, time can be revalued. That means you can get your value back. You can make a decision tonight and say you know something 2011 will be the year I regain my life by regaining my time.


Make a note of this, you can never stop time. We are actually victims of time you know. You can never control time, you can never resist time, you can't compromise with time, you can never repossess time. Once it's gone it's gone. You can never buy time with money. Time is always moving. Time, you can never slow time down. Time is something else. It makes you a prisoner. Either your in the hour or you lose the hour. Either use it or lose it that's the way time is. Time can never be sped up and until death you are stuck in time. So you better get used to using time right now. An use it for your own effective divine benefit.


What to do with you're time, number one you can manage time. You can't stop it but you can manage it. Number two you can use it. You can use time. Number three you can invest it. You can invest time differently. Number four you can convert time. That's an important one. You know currency can be converted right. I can convert an American dollar into a Bohemian dollar. So in other words you can convert time into money. You can convert time into health. You can convert time into knowledge. How you use the time is how you convert it to something. Number four time should be used to initiate, create, develop, build and add value to the life that exists in it. You use time to improve your life. Use time to fulfill your divine purpose. That's why God gave us time. Don't waste your year on no one that can't improve your life, expand your life, advance your life, progress your life cut em off. Everybody say redeem the time.


The word redeem actually means to own or control. Redeeming the time that means own your time again. That means that other people own your time. From 9-5 people love to own your time. The only time you own is after five. Don't allow people to own all your time. Take control of your time.


The word redeem also means to fulfill a pledge. That means get back to what god gave you work to do. It means to convert value into something. It means to pay a debt. To redeem means to repay a debt. Redeeming the time means let me pay the debt with my time that i owe humanity.


Let me define redeeming for you. Redeem means to take time an ownership and convert it to opportunity to fulfill your divine debt to your generation delivering value to humanity. That's why you were born to redeem the time.


So how do you redeem the time? I want to close with this instruction. One, time like commodity must be managed. Two, time must be protected. Protect your time. Three, time must be focused. Number four, time must be purposed. Number five, time must have a vision. Number six, time must measure for results. When I do this is it going to result in something valuable or am I just wasting my breath and my energy. Time means I have to use this piece of history to make sense out of my life. Number seven, time must have worth and value.


Go through 2011 everyday aware that this day is a gift given to you by God and you got to give it back to him with appreciation. It should be a better day when you finish with it than when he first gave it to you. God never gives you a month he only gives you a day.



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