It's Not Over Until You Win


Don't compare yourself to others. Life is a marathon. Reap the benefits of running your race at your pace. It's yours for the taking but you have to put forth an effort.


Don't measure yourself by what others are doing

Comparisons make us feel less than or better than. It steals time and energy, forcing us into our lower natures. Stop wasting your time and energy on people that have no impact on what you are trying to accomplish. Be the best that you can be by putting forth your best effort.


Growing your strengths

Focus on growing your strengths instead of your weaknesses. This will make your weaknesses irrelevant and allow you to excel beyond your peers. Learn to recognize your strengths then play towards them. If it energizes you and you can get lost doing it, then it is probably a strength. If it tires you out or is draining then it is probably a weakness. Grow your confidence by putting forth the effort of growing your strengths.



Practice in any area will build your self-confidence in that area. Taking action creates the opportunity to gain experience which in turn increases confidence. Don't stand in your way, take action, practice, and build your confidence by playing towards your strengths. Self-Confidence is the by-product of effort.


As John C. Maxwell says, “your best today sets you up for success tomorrow.” Focus on your strengths to maximize your performance and to build your self-confidence. Your true potential is waiting to be realized but only if you put the effort in.



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