Know Your Why


To pursue your purpose with passion it is important to know your why. When fear and doubt are lurking in the back of your mind, your why can propel you to go the extra mile.

Finding Your Why
I'm reminded of a movie I saw once. It was an animation of a chicken that escaped an egg factory and raised a duck. As time passes by there are clues of the differences between them. The duck can swim but the chicken can not. The duck has webbed feet and the chicken does not. The duck can fly but the chicken can not. At least it should not. Within this movie, the chicken eventually does fly. It doesn't fly literally but it does fly. It flies to save the duck. The duck that the chicken shaded from the cold and nurtured as an egg. This is just one of many examples of knowing why you do what you do.

During Hard Times
At the beginning of the movie the chicken dreams of being a mother. It goes through many obstacles raising the duck but it faces them all head-on. When the duck needs to learn to swim and when the duck learns to fly. I think because the chicken truly believed that the duck was her offspring or even better If you have a why the actions you must take to reach your goals will get accomplished effortlessly. And during the time the chicken wanted to be a mother.

Get out of your head and into your heart
During the movie, the chicken tried and tried to fly however it wasn't able. But on the day the duck it raised was leaving home. It gave its life to feed a weasel family. And it is implied that she is flying as a spirit. To know your why is to truly know what is in your heart. On the day she gave her life to feed that weasel family her why had to be quite clear. Just as she was attracted to the egg when she wanted to be a mother. She was also able to die knowing that the duck would be alright.

For some, it's not that easy to find why?. But asking yourself the hard questions now will fuel your future and knowing your why will allow you to pursue your purpose with passion. If you want to find your why you should conduct what Dean Graziosi refers to as “seven levels deep”. It's when you ask yourself seven times the question of why something is being done. By asking yourself the question why seven times you eventually get to the heart of the matter.

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