Make Motivation Your Habit


All the quotes below are excerpts from Zig Ziglar – How to Stay Motivated: Developing the Qualities of Success. The quotes have been placed in a particular order in hopes to inform, educate, and inspire you on the concept of making motivation your habit.

"Motivation is the key."
"And there's a lot of confusion about what motivation is all about."
"The media frequently asks me."
"You entitled those folks three hours at that seminar."
"Yea you'll get them excited."
"Hey most of them are already excited when they get there."
"Are you going to get them more excited."
"I better cause if I don't they wont be back."
"And that'll be a shame because my next talk is a whole lot better than this one."
"But you see I got sense enough to know that if this ones not good there won't be a next one as far as you are concerned."
"Well Zig let me ask you."
"Where will these people be a month from now a year from now."
"You know what they're asking me Is motivation permanent."
"The answer is no its not."
"Neither is bathing."
"Now hey does that mean that I'm opposed to bathing."
"Uh uh n I'm very excited about taking a good shower I hope you are too."
"Especially if you use that new 23 hour deodorant."
"Motivation is extremely important."
"Motivation gets you going."
"Habit gets you there."
"Make motivation your habit and you get there quicker and you'll have more fun on the trip."
"See motivation is the spark that lights the fire of knowledge."
"It fuels the engine of accomplishment."
"It maximizes and maintains momentum."
"There's a biochemical basis for why people feel good after these talks."
"Something in hearing about success gives us an emotional charge that releases those chemicals into the blood stream and that makes their body function better."
"While these effects last no more than a few hours."
"Regular doses of motivation will lead to better health, happiness and achievement."
"That's in the may 1989 issue of Meetings and Conventions' magazine."
"Now the reason I do all my recordings in front of live audiences."
"And the reason we insert the humor in there as much as we do is because we want to get those endorphins and the dopamine and all of those other things in there flowing."
"Because they literally and physiologically energize you."
"Dr. Tenant says listening to tapes early in the morning will jump start the flow of serotonin."
"Now serotonin is the feel good neurotransmitter."
"That makes you feel good about yourself."
"It generally doesn't hit the system full force until about ten o' clock in the morning."
"There's another way to jump start the flow of serotonin."
"That's to do something really nice for someone else."
"Its amazing how good you feel about yourself when you do something really nice for somebody else."
"I'm talking about a philosophy that's other people centered."
"I'm talking about a procedure that works."
"The message is real clear."
"This information isn't worth a hill of beans until you put it into action."
"And then when you put it into action that's when things happen."
"I promise you I've not given you any theory."
"This is valid information that has been tested and tried by tens of thousands of people and it works in any language that you want to put it in."
"That's what I'm talking about."
"I'm encouraging you to buy the ideas that we've been talking about."
"Take this to heart put it to work and do it now."
"Because if you do I close as I always close by saying."
"If you do these things I will see you, and yes I do mean you not just at the top."
"Hey I'm gonna see you over the top."


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