Protecting Your Dreams


Rise above others' expectations. What you think is all that matters. Don't allow another persons' fears to be projected onto you.


Work on saying no.

Don't worry about pleasing others. Realize that you have a choice in your actions and reactions. At some point, your life has to be about you and you have to be a little selfish. Acknowledge your inner leader.


Think for yourself.

In our opinion fitting in is overrated. Stand out above the crowd. Your perspective is unique and the world should hear it. Focus and you will express yourself clearly and concisely.


Don't be a victim to another persons' emotions.

It is one thing to display empathy, it is another to be controlled by anothers' emotions. Often our family, friends, and colleagues' opinions/views are projected onto us. Avoid this by staying aware of your emotions versus theirs. And be willing to separate from that individual if it continues.


Don't let someone say you can't when deep down you believe you can. Your opinion is all that matters. No one can control your life but you.


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