Take Responsibility for Your Actions


When I was younger if you stared at a person your age too long they would say “what you looking at I'm not the man in the mirror”. Back then it seemed like the person was fishing for a fight but today it makes perfect sense. Like attracts like and how we see ourselves is how we see others. But how we see ourselves as adults is different from how we saw ourselves as children.


Like attracts like.

At the time I was a fighter and filled with a great amount of anger. Anger towards life and my current circumstances. Michael Jackson was entering his legendary status and with it, the phrase “You're not the man in the mirror” came. But all I envisioned at the time was the opportunity to fight. In retrospect that is exactly what I attracted. The opportunity to fight.


It all begins with how you see yourself.

Even though I was looking for the chance to fight I didn't see myself as a fighter.

I was more of a lover, not a fighter. At least in my head, that is what I was. On this particular day, I was in the perfect mood not to fight. But now that I look back I valued my skill and didn't want to abuse it on the playground.


Taking responsibility for your actions.

Suppose we did fight on that playground that day. I wonder how I would have been scolded by my mother and praised by my brother. I think about how I would have had to accept a punishment that I would have felt was undeserving. This could have even been the beginning of me acting out of character or I could have begun to face all my problems with my fists. But either way I would have had to take responsibility for my actions.


Things for me worked out differently but looking back I understood that taking responsibility for your actions begins with how you see yourself.


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