Talk Less, Grind More


Striving to Talk Less, Grind More can change your life. Our goals are always within our grasp. We need to act to achieve them.



Talk Less, Grind More

On a street in Detroit night approaches. You've missed school this week and no one's checking in. A scrummage through a trash can comforts you with your next meal. A quiet ally way brings solace to another day with a place to rest.


If this sounds familiar it is because it is a short glimpse into the life of Eric Thomas aka ET The Hip Hop Preacher before his journey began. Before the term “Talk Less, Grind More” was delivered to the world. Fueling us in understanding that action is a major key in developing the life we want.


Acting on our thoughts can change your life.

Your relationship with your mother seems to be shattered, your stomach is empty and your pockets are filled with lent. On a cold Detroit night you think to yourself I want better. It's a spark. You realize this is my story today but this is not how my life is going to end. You believe in yourself, action soon follows.


Our goals are always within our grasp.

Fast forward, relationship with mother, healed, your belly is full and your pockets are expanding. You have come a long way from that cold night in Detroit. You reflect on your impact on society and how the act of doing something positive in college helped you find your gift. Action and hard work have helped you reach your destination. It has been a determining factor within your success.


When researching Eric Thomas you discover that the act of saying yes to speak at a college event is what led him to become a speaker. It's a real example of a small action leading to big results. In our opinion, you can accomplish anything if you are willing to act. Break your goals down to the micro action level and your macro goals will get accomplished. It all begins with you acting on your thoughts.


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