The Dream Killer



Stop making excuses. Settling in life can bring regret and animosity. Don't become miserably comfortable.


Stop making excuses

If you can see it and believe it, it can happen all you have to do is execute it. Forget about what other people think. Fear of failure, fear of what other people think, and fear of not having enough money are all excuses. Make a guarantee to yourself that you won't stand in the way of your success. Settling in life can bring regret and animosity.


Settling in life

Complacency is the result of not acting on what you're inspired by. The reasons why your dreams might not happen are irrelevant. To bring the vision of your life into fruition you will have to challenge yourself. You can live your dreams but only if you relinquish your fears.


Don't become miserably comfortable

I heard Fat Joe of the Terror Squad once say that the reason for one of his artists' not becoming iconic was because they became “miserably comfortable.” To avoid this we have to constantly refuel our ambition by increasing our self-preparation. Don't live for the now at the expense of your future. Create the vision for your life, plan to achieve it and then act to step into your future.


We have limitless potential. The journey to self-discovery begins with relinquishing our fears. We should constantly be challenging ourselves to refuel our ambitions.



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