The Gold Mine Between Your Ears


Use the gold mine between your ears to explore yourself, your work, and your fellow man. Become a creative thinker. Utilize your imagination. Make it your business on how you give.


Creative thinking

Listen to every idea you receive openly and avoid being close-minded. Write down every idea you receive. Stay observant use your senses to stay in the present. Be appreciative of every idea that you receive.


Using your imagination.

Bring more meaning charm and love to yourself your life and your fellow man. Strive for simplicity when using your imagination. Imagination applied to your work brings dreams into reality. See things how they could be not how they are.


Make it your business on how you give.

You have to give to receive. Our success in life is directly related to the service that we give. Use your gifts to contribute to the lives of others and you will form powerful ideas. Create a generous view of life and allow your cup to runneth over.


Build on your ideas or ideas that need to be re-thunk. Avoid problems by using anticipation. Imagination is everything. Be a go-giver as well as a go-getter.


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