The Habit of Winning


The habit of winning is discipline. Staying disciplined is a decision we all must make.


Life in the winners' circle can be lonely.

To achieve your goals sacrifice must be made. Not in the ritualistic sense but within one or all the areas that govern our lives. Time must be designated for the process. Find success by practicing. This is where discipline and consistency come into play.


The habit of winning is discipline.

Discipline determines how often we act. If you have success and discipline it will create a snowball effect. If you have failure and discipline you will create an opportunity for a breakthrough. In other words, don't quit and stay disciplined.


Discipline is a decision.

Like most things, the ball is in your court. If you are unable to focus your thoughts and apply action failure to reach your goals is imminent. The only way to win is to cross the finish line. Your success is dependent on your consistency to do the work.


Form the habit of discipline. Structure your life around your goals. Work efficiently and you will be effective. Set goals abundantly and frequently. Be successful in all aspects of life.


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