There's a Power Greater, That Helps in Your Beliefs


All the quotes below are excerpts from Ernest Holmes – The Secrets of Belief. The quotes have been placed in a particular order in hopes to inform, educate, and inspire you on belief.

"We're going to come to a place where we believe in the power greater than we are. Believe in ourselves because we know it and believe even write down to the method we're using that our own thought our own meditation or prayer whatever you choose to call it will convince everything within us that seems to doubt. Perhaps out of all the doubt and all the yearning and the longing you and i will come to know there is a power greater than you are than i am and we can use it."



"The power that is bigger than you are and greater than i am is of course a spiritual power. Just what do we mean by a spiritual power? We mean something that is invisible of course, we don't see it we don't touch it we don't taste it we don't handle it we don't weigh it we don't measure it but we do feel it."


"This power greater than we are is a power for good. It responds to us. If we have faith and confidence in it. Now throughout all the ages people of course had faith that their prayers would be answered. They prayed with faith. It hasn't made any particular difference what kind of religion they have had. That power has responded to everyone in the way he has used it and that is why Jesus said very simply very directly it is done onto you as you believe."

"First of all he said it is done, by a power greater than you are. It is done unto you by this power you don't do it. Who has the power to create life? You and I did not make life. We did not create it we did not think up ourselves. We awoke to the fact that we lived and we looked about an wondered what in the world is it all about why am i here. Is there anything in the universe great enough an good enough to come to my rescue when i need it. Find me if I'm disturbed to bring peace to my mind if I am disquiet. Is there really power in the universe greater than I am and is it good and can i use it. And Jesus said it is done unto you. There is a power that operates for you. And how does it operate? It operates as you believe."

"Belief is something that our own mind does not doubt. It is something that we ourselves inwardly do not deny. You can tell right off if you believe what your saying. So you an I do not have to study very much to see do i believe that there is a power greater than i am. Why of course we believe it."


"There's another kind of a power, it is greater than I am it responds to my belief my faith my confidence in it and as soon as I establish this then I must be certain that I actually believe.
You know Jesus didn't say God of his power would be displeased if you ask for a loaf of bread. As a matter of fact he fed a multitude. He did not say God of his power does not wish for you to have any enjoyment in life. He spoke of a joy which would complete ours. He said it is done unto you but as you believe. Therefore he said when you pray believe that you have. Just believe that you have. Is it so odd to believe that we have? We believe that tomorrow will come we believe that the sun will rise in the morning and set at night we believe that the ocean and tide will be there and the moon we believe the grass will grow we believe that our food will digest and who is there who knows how any of these things happen."


"It isn't so hard to believe. Were only talking about that which is completely possible. Which is completely simple and direct and something which you in a secret place of your own mind sitting there alone, you know it as well as i do we all believe. We just haven't quite started practicing our beliefs."


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