Leaders Lead (Leadership)


All the quotes below are excerpts from John C. Maxwell – Developing the Leader Within You. The quotes have been placed in a particular order in hopes to inform, educate, and inspire you on leadership.

“What is a leader?”


“When I think of a leader and what one becomes or is the first word I think of is leadership, leaders lead”


“You need to make a commitment to learn how to lead and the reason you need to make a commitment to learn how to lead is that's going to effect what size of an organization you have”


“Non growing organizations are a result of non growing leaders”


“Everything rises and falls on leadership. You say John excuse me you don't mean everything you mean most things NO NO read my lips, everything rises and falls on leadership”


“I can promise you right now that in our whole walk of life our ability to influence people our ability to positively effect people our ability to lead people is going to determine our ability as far as how far we go in life itself”


“When an organization has a good leader it grows and when it has a bad leader it doesn't grow when Israel had a good king it prospered and when Israel had a bad king it didn't prosper, I'm here to tell you everything rises and falls on leadership and the moment that you understand that and the moment that you buy into that and the moment that you begin to have a passion to develop your leadership the moment you grow as a leader your organization grows”


“Its going to be the development of hour by hour day by day week by week month by month year by year that makes you a leader”



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