F.E.A.R. (Fear)


All the quotes below are excerpts from Les Brown – Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. The quotes have been placed in a particular order in hopes to inform, educate, and inspire you on conquering fear.


“You can either live your dreams or live your fears”

“Some fear is acceptable and legitimate. There are some things that you really should be afraid of. Now you shouldn't allow it to immobilize you. You acknowledge it, you take it into account and then you carry yourself accordingly. There are times that we should proceed with caution but its the difference between being stopped by fear. There's a difference between having a fear and the fear having you so what do we do, one, acknowledge it. In knowing that its okay. Don't condemn yourself for being afraid, its perfectly fine to have some fears. You acknowledge your fears you embrace those fears and then you move on....Once you embrace it, see, what you resist will persist what you resist will persist so one of the most important things is is to begin to embrace your fear”

“See when you begin to understand and acknowledge your fear and you go forth anyhow. You go forth in a spirit and a knowing that there's a way that you can begin to handle this there's a way out here somewhere there's a solution to what it is your seeking that you have the capacity to what ever comes up to handle it to face it and rather than feeling powerless you begin to feel powerful"

“Imagine the worst case scenario”

“Visualize yourself being more than able and capable of handling it"

“You've got to see it in your minds eye and know that you got what it takes” 

“What would your life be like as you look towards the future if you decided I'm not going to allow my fears to stop me? What would your life be like. What would your future be like if you decided to want that which you desire so strongly that it prepares you past your fears that your experience to fear, as the one book says, feel the fear and do it anyway.”

“Accept yourself and accept the fear as a fact and not a force. See when you accept yourself and you accept fear as a fact that means that its something that happens, its something that your going to experience but it is not a force to hold you back. It doesn't have any special power other than that that you give it. So you accept the fact that you are afraid and then you move on anyhow. You move on past it and you do whatever you've got to do”

“And one of the things you got to do is you got to watch your inner conversation and discipline your thinking and your imagination because if you don't your mind will take you on a wild trip ”

“You got to talk to yourself and you build yourself up and you'll feel your energy level coming up and people will feel that around you. See if you go through life being afraid people can sense that they can pick up that fear so that's why you've got to stand up inside yourself”

“So as you look at yourself what are the fears you have that maybe you need some help in strengthening yourself in that area as you access your strengths and your weakness as you begin to improve yourself and your passions and your dreams and your goals and the things that you want. As you decide to experience all of your true potential as you decide to manifest all of your greatness. As you decide, wait a minute what else is available to me out here. I decided to experience the fear the rejection the fear of no the fear of failure the fear of standing by myself what else is available of taking a chance the fear of losing it all what else is available to me that will bring some extra meaning and value. The fear of people not liking me. You know how many people do things they don't want to do because they want everybody to like them? Everybody's not going to like you. Excuse me special announcement everybody's not going to like you.”

“So deciding as you look at your life as you look into the future and say what fears am I holding onto. What fears that I'm allowing to imprison me. That's keeping me from breaking out, that's keeping me from living up to my true potential. That's keeping me from really being happy. That's keeping me from having a sense of adventure and excitement in my life. Whats keeping me from controlling my destiny, what fears, that I'm giving that permission to. Notice what I said, that we must give our permission to fear to immobilize us. Because what ever discomfort you experience. What ever challenges or difficulty that it is, you got to handle it, you got to go up in there and wrestle with it. Will it be easy, no. Will it be challenging, yes, this dream you got what ever you want to do will it be easy to just run out there and do it, no, will it happen over night, no, will it be a struggle, yes, will there be times when you can't make ends meat, yes, that's a part of it will there be times when you don't know what to do, yes that's a part of it, will you have some opposition will things go wrong sometimes, you will have many visits from Murphy. Now if you say well who's Murphy don't worry. Somebody must have told us someplace along the line I don't know where but somebody must have told people o life is going to be real easy, no”

“So I'm saying before you are boxed and buried decide that your going to box and bury your fears. Decide that your going to begin to live life on a new level. Seeking out new horizons that your going to find more love and more joy and more ways to give more to life. Guy says something I love this he says, 'everything a man does for himself guess what he takes with him but everything he does for others he leaves behind'”


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