See it, Believe it, Achieve it (Goal Setting)


All the quotes below are excerpts from Bob Proctor – Setting Goals and Fulfilling Your Infinite Potential. The quotes have been placed in a particular order in hopes to inform, educate, and inspire you on goal setting.


“Where gonna talk about setting goals.”

“Goal setting if it's done properly you're always going to get what you want. Always there are no exceptions to this, we want to set a goal that's worthy of us. Now if you're not going after a goal that's worthy of you then what are you trading your life for. You see how important this is? Earl Nightingale said that success was the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

“So if we're going after the goal we want were not going backwards were not having bad days we are progressively going in the right direction of a worthy ideal.”

“James Allen in a little book as man thinketh he said an ideal is an idea that we have fallen in love with. So we're going after something that we absolutely love. Now what is love? Love is resonance. When two people are in love they have a report intellectually, emotionally, and physically. They're on the same frequency.”

“Well when you fall in love with an idea you're intellectually stimulated by the idea, you're emotionally stimulated by the idea, and you're physically going after it. You're making it happen.”

“So we want to go after a goal that's worthy of us. That were really going to make happen and we're going to make it happen now.”

“So why do we set goals? We set goals to find out what we're capable of and to develop the best in us. Now paradigms are the roadblocks that stand between you and your goals that's the only roadblock.”

“So how do we start. Well there's a beautiful concept I call it ABC pretty basic nothing complicated about it and this is where most people set their goals.”

“ Most people set goals on the A-level. Why do they do that? They don't want to fail.”

“ You see if your setting goals so you don't fail you're not going to go anywhere your trip is going to be sideways, there's going to be no progressive growth it's going to be sideways movement your not going to go anywhere but that's what most people do they set goals to do something they already know how to do it's not a good idea it's a little dumb but we support it. We tell people they don't want to be you know they don't want to be unrealistic, you've got to be realistic when you set you're goals. You can't have all A's. Yea you can have all the A's. You can have anything you want. Where Gods highest form of creation. I love the Way Oprah Winfrey put it she said you can have what ever you have the courage to ask for.”

“What are B goals? B goals are where you set a goal to do what you think you can do and we got to have a plan. Now we know we've got to have a plan, I mean we've got all kinds of software today where we can layout a business plan. This is very... You've got to know everything you're going to do between here and the goal. If you knew everything between here and the goal again you're going sideways there's no growth involved. Why would we do that? Its part of the Paradigm. We're conditioned to do that, you see. What do you think you can do we've got to have a plan. Now what's the next level? The next level is you go after the C level. We're going after what we want. So your going after what you know you can do. What you think you can do or what you want to do and that's where the problem really starts because you see if we're going after what we want we got to fantasize and you were taught very early in school don't fantasize, that's true.”

“Now you got to admit that's pretty bad advice.”

“Why do you think we have great big corporations and little wee creative departments. We got to a part where we just accept the idea that not everybody is creative. Well that is a bazaar idea the creator is within. Everyone is creative and there's no one that's more creative than others. There's just some that exercise their creativity more than others but see we put a block on fantasizing we stop it. So what do we do? Well we go from what we know we can do to what we think we can do and then we go back to what we know we can do. Why? Because you can't go after what you want you don't know how to get it. See we have to know how to get it. An yet anyone that's ever done anything never knew how until after it was accomplished. Why do we do that ? We do it because we're programmed to do it. What I say? Paradigms are the only thing that stand between you and your goal they're the only road blocks.”

“Now here's another thing I want to think about.”

“If you're going after what you think you can do understand this there's no inspiration in it. There is no inspiration in going out to what you think you can do. So many people go from what they know they can do to what they think they can do. There's no inspiration there. There's no support so quit an go back an they do what they know they can do. An they spend their whole life going back and forth between what they know and what they think they can do. If you're in a corporation and your setting goals it all have to be planned out. You got to have a plan you've got to give a logical explanation of how you're going to do it. Now that is really dumb there is nothing to be gained by living like that. If you want to win there is a concept that must be followed.”

“It's Fantasy, Theory, Fact now they're the three stages of Creation in so far as you're concerned in Fantasy everything starts with a fantasy. I don't care what it is. Walt Disney.... fantasized. Take the largest buildings in the world it was a fantasy. Onassis fantasized. Built the supertankers. How about the air planes. Wasn't long ago we were told we couldn't fly. Now we're flying in planes that got bars and I flew from London to LA on Virgin Airlines they have masseuses on there. You can get a massage you can get manicure. You can lay down and go to sleep. You can press a button on they'll bring you ever whatever you want to eat. I was on a plane last night flying in here and on the back of the plane its only about three months old is a monitor on the back of the seat in front of me and it's all touch sensitive. I can touch the menu it'll come up. I can play games. I can watch movies. I can go to the news it's just touched just touch and it all works. And the stewardess tells me all the planes are going that way. You see that is the result of somebody fantasizing. Do you know where email came? From the result of someone fantasizing. It just seems like yesterday faxes came out. Faxes are history today and look at email touch one button. I send 150,000 emails out every day. Every day to our clientele send them a good idea every day. As a matter of fact if you want to get a good idea every day. Just go to insights. Insight of the day and I'll be happy to send you one. This is this is a new world we're living in we've got a fantasize. So how does it start?”

“Well you start by building a fantasy of what you want but it's got to be of what you want. You don't have to know how to get it. Now this is where goal-setting comes in. Take a weekend take a week go away somewhere sit under a palm tree chew on a piece of straw and just let your mind take off. How do you really want to live. It doesn't matter what it cost. It doesn't matter what the resources are.”

“Don't you know that nothing is created or destroyed. Everything we need is already here if not in one state then in another. We've got a build the image in our mind. That put us in the vibration we need to be in to attract what we want to attract. We're told to seek ye first this kingdom go inside not outside. Quit trying to figure it all out. Just ask yourself what do I really want.”

“What you have to do now is turn it into a theory. We go from Fantasy Theory Fact. So how do you turn it into a theory and what is the theory? See the fantasy is done with the imagination. It's just out there it's like a giant hologram of the life that we want. A theory is an idea that we're starting to give serious thought to. A theory is a thought or a collection of thoughts in the consciousness. It's an idea. It's an idea that we're starting to give a reasonable amount of thought to. We're starting to take it serious.”

“Now we have to pass a couple of tests before we can turn that theory into a goal we have to ask, am I able to do this?.”

“ Yes you're able. You might not know how you might not have the resources but you've got to admit I'm able to do this. I am able to do this. Then you have to ask am I willing?”

“An that's where we get got caught up. Am I willing? Am I willing to experience the discomfort? Am I willing to hurt? Am I willing to give up what I have to give up to get it? Am I willing to spend the time? Am I willing to study?”

“If you really want to collect in this life at what you're doing you've got to be willing to pay the price. Now the beautiful thing about sacrifice sacrifice isn't losing sacrifice is gaining. Sacrifice is giving up something to receive something of a higher nature. You see what you're doing is you're making a space for the good that you desire. So we start out with our fantasy. We say am I able? Absolutely I'm able. Then am I willing? Well you see if you're going after something you really love yes you'll be willing.”

“You want to be willing to do what you have to do to become the best of what you're doing. You see a pro is at his best regardless it doesn't matter what's going on they're going to perform. Now when you say yes I'm able and yes I'm willing at that second your theory turns into a goal. Now you want to take that goal and you internalize it. You let it move into your subconscious mind. You start adding emotion to it you get emotionally involved and the second you do that your goal begins to move into form. Now by law that's called the transmutation of energy. See an energy flowed into our consciousness it had no form. We gave it form we built the image and then we internalized that image. It altered the vibration we were in which caused us to act different but you know what else it did it set up an attractive force and it brought to us stuff that we would never have brought to our self. We attracted everything we needed. If it was money we needed we'd attract. It if it was a book we needed if it was assistance we needed. It would be there. The idea in our mind begin to move into form. You know what that's called religious terms it's called prayer. Most people think prayer is getting on their knees and making a noise. That's what that is getting on their knees and making a noise. Prayer is the movement that takes place between spirit and form within through us. We are spiritual beings we can tap into pure unadulterated spirit and we can build the idea out of pure unadulterated spirit and by internalizing that idea and turning it over to Spirit it gives it back to us in physical form. God operates so perfectly and you know something that idea will move into form. It becomes a fact and that's how goals are achieved. We start out with the fantasy we go to the theory we passed the test yes I'm able and yes I'm willing and then we internalize the idea and it moves into form.”

“So what do we give up we give up the idea of going after what we know and what we think we can do and we go after what we want. So now stop and ask yourself what do you really want. See the only prerequisite is can you see it. Can you see it on the screen of your mind. If you can see it on the screen of your mind you're quite capable of doing it and then can you believe it.”

“It took me nine years to figure that out. That's how my life changed. I started to believe in me. I started to find out things about me. Did you know that your central nervous system is the most complex electrical system in the whole universe. There's nothing like it. It would make the electrical system in a supper computer look like a toy. Did you know that the blood in your body circles through hundreds of miles of passageway. In 33 seconds it carries all the food in and all the garbage out in one sweeping change. If you just stop and think of all the muscle movements that have to be made just for you to write your name. There's something so phenomenal about you. You've got to believe in yourself you just have to and then you do it. You see it you believe it and then you do it.”


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