All the quotes below are excerpts from Dr. Myles Munroe – The Discipline of Vision. The quotes have been placed in a particular order in hopes to inform, educate, and inspire you on vision.


“Discipline is powerful and according to the bible discipline comes from vision”


“A man or woman without a clear vision for their lives lives a very loose life but a man with a vision they live a very narrow life, very important, disciplined people live very narrowly. When a man or woman has a vision their life becomes very very tight, why because vision simplifies life”


“When you capture a vision it simplifies everything, everything, because vision controls all of your choices after that. Once you know where your going you also automatically know what roads won't take you there you understand that statement. So if you know what to do you automatically know what you shouldn't do. Vision defines your what to do in life, because vision gives you your address your permanent address it shows you your destination where we get our word destiny from. Your destiny dictates your decisions write it down your destiny dictates your decisions so life becomes simple”


“If someone offers you something and it doesn't collaborate in its unity with your vision its easy to say no, you see without a vision its tough for you to refuse things”


“People who discover vision they live longer they live healthier there's no stress. Stress comes from not knowing what to do.”


“Vision is from God you don't tell him what your going to do. You have to report to him submit to him and stay still until you are clear of the re veal a tion. Because without that revelation there is no self discipline”


“Vision is suppose to be the source of your human motivation it simplifies your life”


“Make yourself a person of value don't seek success”


“Vision is what gives you this unique discovery”


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